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Bliss Trifecta

By June 23, 2013February 26th, 2015No Comments


The other night I taught a class with the theme of the triple-effect, in honour of those perfect, come-together moments of pure bliss. We called it a bliss trifecta. The students and I shared our personal trifectas in class. Here’s a few examples:

  • Open road, convertible, favourite tune
  • Campfire, coffee, sunrise
  • Hammock, Tofino beach, salty sea air
  • Early morning, horse back riding, sunlight twinkling through the trees
  • Sunny patio, morning coffee, birds chirping

In our class we celebrated this theme by sandwiching poses/movements/stretches that our bodies were calling for at the beginning, middle, and end of the class. Some students chose energetic poses such as standing balances, handstands, and dancing. While others chose inversions or relaxing restorative poses. It was great to see each person truly honouring their own needs in the moment.

My teacher, Julia Shields, from Free Spirit Yoga, pointed out how in most of our bliss trifectas described simple, non-monetary things… so true.

I read this poem at the end of class to send us off into a lazy, blissful savasana:


yes to the afternoons of reading and napping in the sun.
yes to the hummingbird flitting about the lemon tree.
yes to the spontaneous afternoons of laughter, beer gardens and sunburns.
yes to my sweaty, everchanging yoga practice.
yes to sleeping in on a monday.

yes to it all right now. a big ol’ yes.

(Found this poem on a blog website by Mary Beth Larue – not sure if she’s the author).

Here’s to enjoying the small moments in your day when things come together. I hope you can sandwich your day with things that fill you up.

Shanti ~ Renee

P.s. What’s your bliss trifecta?