Yoga Therapy

Do you feel like something is missing in your healing or wellness journey?
We often miss the deeper root of our suffering, and our attempts at self improvement seem to only nick at the surface.

Yoga Therapy is different. It takes the approach of looking at an individual as an integrated whole — addressing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of yourself.

Yoga affects the mind and body through regulation of the nervous system, and when our nervous system is regulated, all other body systems can heal.

Sessions include breathing techniques, assisted gentle poses, meditation, and guided self-inquiry designed to help you safely embrace your physical limits or body experiences, and gain mental and emotional insights into yourself. Yoga therapy provides a somatic pathway to a deeper understanding of the self, and the result is that you become more in tune with how your thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and habits influence your health and wellbeing—the first step to healing.

Yoga Therapy is helpful for many chronic health issues of the body and mind such as insomnia, depression, anxiety, trauma, digestive issues, inflammation, chronic pain, auto immune conditions, pain and illness.

Appointments are one hour and include an assessment on your first session.
Pricing: Initial Appointment $85 · Regular Appointment $70

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Online appointments are also available through Zoom:

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Please note, evening time slots and weekends are often booked in advance, please feel free to email to discuss preferred time options.

*If this is your first yoga therapy appointment with In Balance Yoga, please fill out the online Intake Form  and Consent to Yoga Therapy.

“After my first appointment, it felt like my body let out a big sigh. It was the first time I felt truly listened to in a compassionate and complete way. I realized I was shut down and disconnected inside, and what I needed all along was an opportunity to truly feel and listen to what my body was telling me.”

-G. Davidson