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My Journey to Holistic Counselling

Renee Reusz B.Sc., RPC-C, C-IAYT

I come from a human biology background in my undergraduate work. Learning about the human body fascinated me and especially about how stress negatively affects the the various systems of the body. For many years I’ve worked with clients dealing with injury and illness and marveled at how inseparable thoughts, emotions, and behaviors are.

With many of my clients suffering from complex conditions affecting both the mind and body, I became curious about other practices and modalities for holistic wellness, and at the same time, I was suffering with my own anxiety. This is when I found yoga and started to connect the benefits of my practice to reduced symptoms of anxiety, and began my journey to learn more about yoga’s amazing potential to develop skills of mind-body connection, nervous system regulation, and self awareness.

I completed both my yoga teacher training certificate and then later obtained certification as a yoga therapist, and in my many years of work as a yoga instructor and therapist, I developed skills to facilitate mind-body therapies – grounding, somatic (body) awareness, mindfulness, and nervous system regulation.

I have an overarching goal of assisting clients from a holistic, mind-body perspective, I then furthered my schooling in counselling psychology and now hold a certification as a registered professional counsellor. What I love most about doing counselling therapy work is discovering the client’s strengths and the profound insight and solutions that are gained when given an opportunity to listen and trust themselves.

My clients are my teachers – revealing their strengths, creativity, and insight. I will be forever grateful for their willingness in me to be part of their journey to healing and self-realization.