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Drop-in Classes

Guided Meditation

A drop in meditation class Tuesday evenings. Each mediation is Chakra focused along with a guided journey to experience some relaxation and moments of peace. Classes will include a light hearted exercise to enhance personal growth and provide tools to help with your sense of direction. Come out and meet like minded people, make connections and be excited to visit and reconnect every week.
All you need is the desire to explore meditation…comfy clothes and a journal to create a book of messages to help you move down your path.
Instructor: Linda Leitch, Register Professional Counsellor

Tuesdays @ 7:15 pm

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Balanced Body Yoga A well-rounded, hatha yoga class to improve your strength, flexibility, balance, and breathing. Special attention is placed on teaching alignment and the sequence of the postures to encourage a balanced and safe experience for all. This class offers something for everyone, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned practitioner.

Monday @ 7:00 pm
Tuesday @ 9:00 am (starting in January)
Wednesday @ 10:00 am

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Yoga Flow A dynamic and energizing class that engages the body in flexibility, strength, and balance. The class is composed of flow sequences, or vinyasas, where movement is coordinated with breath and one pose flows to the next. There is a creative, rhythmic feel about the class, which immerses you in the practice. This class will give you a whole body workout and leave you feeling calm in mind.

Wednesday @ 6:30pm
Friday @ 9:30am

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Pilates Yoga Strengthen, tone and energize your body in this fun fusion class combining Pilates & Yoga. This class is a nice compliment to your traditional yoga practice as the Pilates focuses on building strength in the deep muscles of the core, and is superb for muscle toning and endurance. Balls and resistance bands are utilized in this class to develop greater balance and strength for the whole body.

Monday @ 10:00am
Monday @ 5:45pm (starting in January)

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Mindfulness Yoga
Mindfulness yoga is a gentle class that combines slow moving warm ups, deep stretching, and restorative poses using props to support the body. It helps you connect with your body and breath, de-stress, and return to your center of balance. Postures are suitable and adaptable for all levels. Calming breathing techniques, meditation, and an extended Savasana (closing relaxation) are also woven in to the practice. Regular practice leads to greater self-awareness and connection inside and out.

Thursday @ 7:00pm
Friday @ 10:45am

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Kids Yoga (School Age Kids 6-12)
A great introductory yoga class for the school age child teaching him or her how to take time to slow down, breathe and feel joyful, while also developing physical fitness. The yoga postures will engage your child in developing strength, flexibility and balance, while pranayama (breathing) exercises and simple meditations will give your child tools for creating calm and focus.

Pre-registration required
Set of 6 classes: March 6, 13, 26 (no class March 20), April 3, 17, 24 (no class April 10th for Good Friday)
Fridays 3:30 – 4:30pm
Cost $60 for 6 classes; Instructor: Lisa Thomas

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Yoga Class Rates

  • Regular drop in $14
  • 5 class yoga card $60 (can only be purchased in the studio)
  • 10 class yoga card $110 (can only be purchased in the studio)
  • Monthly Unlimited Yoga Pass $90 (can only be purchased in the studio)