Workshop: Yoga to Support Better Mental Health

Yoga to Support Better Mental Health

This workshop has completed. If you missed it you can request a recording of the workshop (2 hours) for $35.

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Once you have ordered the recording you will receive a link to the video as well as handout resources through email.

Mental health has never become more relevant. With the heightened emotional challenges of two years living in a pandemic, we are all feeling more stressed, burnt-out, anxious, and depressed than ever before, and when this is prolonged, we suffer and become disconnected from ourselves. Research reveals that regular yoga practice supports the treatment of mental health illnesses and other stress related health problems. Yoga calms the nervous system, increases awareness physically, mentally and emotionally, lowers stress, reduces muscle tension and enhances attention and concentration. 

By attending this workshop you be introduced to the techniques that have proven to be so successful to develop more peace and ease, and learn ways to use your body, breath, and mind to shift your emotional state. This practice gives you practical tools to support your mental health and an empowers you to know you do have innate resources to manage difficult times. 

You will practice:

• Simple centering practices
• Identifying and monitoring feelings
• Slow, mindful movement to discharge tension
• Relaxation inducing restorative postures
• Pranayama (breath work) to quiet the mind
• Guided relaxation and meditation

This workshop is appropriate for everyone. You do not need any previous knowledge of yoga. All the yoga poses and techniques taught in this workshop are very gentle, mostly done sitting in a chair.

Hand-outs and accompanying video resources will be provided with this workshop. There will be an educational component to assist understanding of the physiology of how the yoga techniques benefit us, and questions will be welcomed. This workshop is open to anyone thirteen years of age and older. Please email with any questions.