Class Descriptions

Below are a description of the classes being offered. To book a class click here

Stretch & Relax Yoga (good for beginners)
In this class you will move through warm ups and postures designed to stretch the whole body for tension release and greater ease of movement. Often props such as blankets and yoga blocks are used to support the body for focused stretch or greater relaxation. The class is restful in nature combining calming breathing exercises, mindfulness techniques, and a guided meditation at the end to feel more centered and relaxed.

Balanced Body Yoga
A well-rounded, hatha yoga class to improve your strength, flexibility, balance, and breathing. Special attention is placed on teaching alignment and the sequence of the postures to encourage a balanced and safe experience for all. This class offers something for everyone, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned practitioner.

Gentle Somatic Yoga (good for beginners)
A gentle class which will help you release tension and unconscious holding in the body through mindful, somatic movements. The poses and movements are planned based on creating postural and physical balance and introduces you to the basics in yoga with plenty of options for beginners. Breathing exercises and mindfulness techniques are taught alongside the poses to help focus and calm the mind.

Flow Yoga & Pilates Fusion
This class is a whole body workout combining vinyasa style yoga (flowing of yoga poses linked with breath) and Pilates-based strengthening moves. If you want to build your fitness and strengthen your core, this class is for you!

6 Week Therapeutic Yoga Series (next series starting Saturdays in September 2022)
This self-awareness style yoga series will offer an exploration into the essence of yoga through an educational and therapeutic focus. During the series, we will explore the ways in which you can regulate the nervous system using certain yoga postures, somatic sensing, breathing exercises, and mindfulness techniques. The classes aim to bridge the connection between body, mind, and emotions in the healing process, and teaches you ways to improve your resiliency to stress. Your comfort and safety are put at the forefront of this class, and many options are offered, to make it accessible to all.
To be placed on the registration list for September, please Email Renee.