Sound Healing and Acupuncture Event

Spring Cleanse – Sound Healing & Acupuncture

Date: Saturday June 3, 2023
Time: 3:00 – 4:30pm
Cost: $95

*This event is currently full, please email to be placed on waitlist

This unique event pairs acupuncture with a sound bath meditation offering your body a remarkable opportunity to recalibrate and cleanse. The sound vibration connected through the optimal placement of the acupuncture encourages energy to flow and activate your body’s innate healing capacity. 

The combination is a powerful treatment to reduce stress and promote optimal health and wellbeing as Shelly weaves crystal singing bowls, drums, crystal pyramids, sansula, chimes and her angelic vocals. This sound bath and meditation will leave you spellbound and at peace. 

Some benefits that you will experience after a sound healing journey are: better sleep, increased energy, greater calm, reduced pain, and elevated mood.

Receipt of payment will be given at the event for those of you wishing to claim this event under acupuncture treatment with your extended medical.

Register for Event

Please note, you can register and pay online by credit card with a 3% service fee, or to wave the service fee, you can pay by e-transfer. Please email to register and pay by e-transfer.