Yoga Therapy

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is a holistic healing practice using assisted yoga postures, touch, breathing, and client-centered dialogue. A session will help you connect inwardly, and provide you with a safe setting to explore, and begin the journey of whole-body healing.inbalance_health-_DSC1469

  • Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is suitable for all levels and abilities – anyone can benefit! The yoga poses and movements are very gentle and restorative. All postures are supported by practitioner or with props.
  • By using specific cues and assisted 130423-177body movement, focus is drawn inwards to what’s happening in the present moment – a process called embodied mindfulness.
  • Being present to the body and breath in a quiet, relaxed manner, can provide you with rich awarenesses of thought patterns, emotions, and how you are living your life. These awarenesses are the impetus for change.
  • This is a client-centered, non-directive therapy that allows your healing to be sourced from within, truly bridging the gap of body and mind.

Benefits can include:

  • 130423-140xDeepened awareness and connection to self
  • Stress reduction and release of mind/body tension
  • Empowerment and personal growth
  • Greater emotional stability and improved mental clarity
  • Supports healing related to trauma-related disorders and emotional health issues

To view a short video clip to learn more about Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy click here.
Please contact Renee with any questions.

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