Yoga Therapy

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy
A holistic healing practice integrating gentle yoga postures, mindfulness, breathing and techniques. A session will help you connect inwardly through your body in a process called embodied mindfulness.

inbalance_health-_DSC1469When you get present to your body and breath in a quiet, relaxed manner, you can connect to body sensations, emotions, and thoughts which may not have been present to your conscious awareness in daily living. These awarenesses are the impetus for change and sets the course for emotional and physical healing from within.

This therapy is suitable for all levels and abilities. The yoga poses and movements are very gentle or restorative. All postures are supported by practitioner or with props.

There is no need to know anything about yoga to try yoga therapy. During the session you will be guided by simple verbal cues and assisted by the practitioner. The experience is very relaxing and easy.

Benefits include…

  • Deepened awareness and connection to self
  • Stress reduction and release of mind/body tension
  • Empowerment and personal growth
  • Greater emotional stability and improved mental clarity
  • Supports healing related to trauma-related disorders and emotional health issues

To view a short video clip to learn more about Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy click here.
Please contact Renee with any questions.

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