Yoga Classes

160304-069Back Care Yoga: A great low to mid-level intensity class that promotes strength development in your core, teaches you fundamental yoga postures, and leaves you with better mobility through upper back, lower back, hips and legs. Although this is an effective class for individuals needing special care for back conditions, it is great for anyone wanting a well rounded yoga class balancing strength and flexibility in a safe manner.

160304-031xFlow Yoga: A dynamic style of yoga that engages the body in flexibility, strength, and balance. Postures and breath are linked into a sequence of movements that flow naturally from one to the next, becoming a meditation in motion. This class challenges you with more advanced balance postures, whole-body strengthening, and is rounded off with deep stretching for the hips and legs.

2Strength & Balance Yoga: Improve your fitness with this energizing class which combines yoga postures with elastic tubing and exercise balls. This class is a nice compliment to your traditional yoga practice as focuses on building core strength, balance and muscle tone throughout.

Therapeutic Thursdays: Each class has a special therapeutic focus. For the list of themes in July link here. These classes are gentle and therefore are suitable for beginner
level students.

151016-028-2Mindfulness Yoga: A gentle, slow moving yoga class (suitable for beginners), which immerses you into the experience of embodied mindfulness. Themes accompany this class to create a framework of learning in the poses. The class ends with a guided meditation to help you relax and recharge. It’s good for your mind and body!

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