As a newcomer to yoga I was surprised to learn how the awarenesses I gained in my body during yoga class stayed with me later into the day. I was able to catch myself holding my breath and tensing my shoulders at home and at work. Renee is a great teacher!
Ann Yolanda, yoga class participant

I never realized how I wasn’t able to take a deep breath, and it wasn’t until I did a yoga therapy session that I was able to realize I was holding memory and fear from my accident in my stomach area. After I realized this, I was able to feel my breath move into this area.
Carol Veseau, yoga therapy client

I enjoy Renee’s calm, intuitive nature and love that you check in with me to see what would be beneficial for me to work on that day.  Prior to attending my sessions with Renee my posturing and focus was not strong.  Working one on one has been super beneficial in helping me connect my mind and body, be stronger in both mind and body, be stronger with the poses and really feel the benefits of the yoga that I do. I always look forward to my sessions and how rejuveniated I feel afterwards!
Laurel Huber, yoga therapy client

I have been happy with every class, love the garden studio, Renee is the best!
Ann McClenghan, yoga class participant

Always a wonderful experience and class. Renee has a unique ability to understand each students restrictions without words and provide modifications in a respectful manner.
Sherry, yoga class participant

I find the classes very enjoyable and varied. The studio has such a calming energy feel about it. Equipment is available which is great. Renee is so friendly, very knowledgable, and helpful. She is so dedicated to helping you enjoy the class and benefit from it. Not only great classes, but a wonderful social gathering as well.
Carol Novakowski, yoga class participant

I regularly share my love for Renee and my experience at In Balance. I have grown stronger and have had far less back pain/issues since starting the back care class. Renee is very talented a communicating and individualizing the class for each participant. I always leave the class feeling awesome!
Kathleen Aalten, yoga class participant

Renee is a highly educated, competent, and patient teacher with an awesome sense of humour. I really appreciate the non-judgement atmosphere of her classes.
Petra Latinen, yoga class participant

As someone who never enjoyed yoga in the past, I find Renee’s classes very warm, inviting, relaxing, and less intimidating. This allows me to learn and enjoy the classes much more than I do at other studios.
Alex Desautels, yoga class participant

I like the relaxed atmosphere. We have a lot of laughter in the classes. Renee makes sure we don’t get hurt. After every workout I feel relaxed and not sore. After two months my body is more flexible and I am getting my balance back again.
Neil Beck, yoga class participant

A private, laid back, yet fun atmosphere, with top quality yoga instruction, and a great studio with all the supplies/props you need. Always interested in people’s needs and wanting their feedback on classes. I never feel the yoga teachings are above me. I have felt this at other recommended studios. 
Jamie Scott, yoga class participant

I attended Renee’s back care yoga workshop and learned so much about body mechanics, posture, and core strength. I recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to heal their backs and prevent further injury.
Terri Robinson, workshop participant

Renee’s calm and supportive demeanor helps me relax and open up during the yoga therapy session. Her assistance into and out of the postures helps me connect with my what’s going on within, and I always come away feeling confident and clear in my life after a session. I would recommend this type of therapy for anyone who is feeling stuck – creatively or emotionally.
Alison Pritchard, yoga therapy client

Attending Renee’s relaxation yoga class gave me an hour to take a break from all my worries, and for that time all I noticed was my breath, my body, and an inner sense of energy. Afterwards I felt calm and renewed, and generally more at ease about my problems.
Student of In Balance Yoga

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