Specialty Classes in June

Studio interior-4Hiking & Yoga to East Canyon Trail (Free): Join us on Tuesday June 15th for an 8 km hike roundtrip along the East Canyon Trail in Golden Ears Park. We will meet at the parking lot at 10:00 am and we will hike to viewpoint beach where we will do a short yoga routine, then head home via the lower falls route back to the parking. Estimate a 3 hour round trip.

Hiking Yoga to Cliff Falls Park: Join us on Wednesday June 21st in the morning for a walk/hike from the yoga studio to Cliff Falls. We will meet at the studio at 9:00 amand do a 45 minutes round trip walk/hike looping through Cliff Falls, followed by our 10:00 am yoga class to stretch out our muscles. Regular drop-in rate applies.

Ball Yoga Class: Thursday June 1st @ 7:15 pm – come out for this fun, and energizing class where we explore various yoga postures on the exercise ball challenging our core, arm and leg strength, as well as our balance. It will be a great work-out! Regular drop-in rate applies.

Core & Pelvic Floor: Thursday June 8th @7:15 pm – a therapeutic class where we will work in detail with learning to activate & strengthen the deep core stabilizing muscles of the lower abdominal region and pelvic floor. Regular drop-in rate applies.

Calming the Anxious Mind: Thursday June 15th @ 7:15 pm – a specialized class teaching you a few specific yoga postures, breathing exercises, and meditations to combat an anxious mind. Leave feeling calm and equipped with some self-help techniques. Regular drop-in rate applies.

Relieving neck, shoulder and upper back tension: Thursday June 22nd @ 7:15 pm – a therapeutic class for individuals who carry tension in the neck, tops of the shoulders and upper back, and for those who suffer with neck-tension headaches. Regular drop-in rate applies.

Posture Class: Thursday June 29th @ 7:15 pm – a workshop style class which will help you gain awareness of your postural challenges and how they may be affecting your health, as well as learning some key yoga postures to improve your posture. Regular drop-in rate applies.

Yoga for the Littles (ages 4 to 7): Saturday June 10 @ 10:00 am – My youngest daughter has been dying to try a real yoga class so I have decided to do this class for her! Have your little one join Teagan and I for a fun filled, intro to yoga class where they will go on an imaginary journey to the beach to learn some favourite yoga poses. Cost is $10 for the one-hour class.

Kid’s Yoga (ages 8-12): Saturday June 10 @ 11:15 am – Since little sister gets a class, big sister gets a class…. If you have a child wanting to give yoga a try or one who already loves it, have them join Suraiya and I In this fun-filled class, practicing some key yoga postures, sun salutations, and learning a couple breathing exercises as effective self-management tools. Cost is $10 per child for the one-hour class.

*The above classes require pre-registration – call, text 604-528-0401 or email: renee@inbalancehealth.ca.

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