Back Care Therapeutics

Back Therapeutics Workshop 
Saturday March 30th 9:30 – 12:00 pm Cost $49
Instructor: Renee Reusz

Do you want to better understand where your back pain comes from and take the control back to manage it better on your own? This requires an understanding of your own body in relationship to the structural anomalies, posture imbalances, and mechanical irritants within and around you. As you learn more about how your body’s anatomy, imbalances, and activities affect your function and cause you pain, you’ll better understand what you need to do for yourself, and what you need to minimize or avoid to heal yourself.

Within this workshop you will learn about:

  • posture and alignment imbalances which place stress on the spine and cause pain/injury
  • body movement dysfunctions due to range of motion deficits, lack of stability/core strength, and poor awareness of body mechanics
  • common back conditions—do’s and don’ts
  • a mini assessment of your posture, ROM, and core strength to understand your limitations 
  • the cycle of pain which inhibits motion, and how yoga can break this complex cycle
  • a take home program of a few key postures and exercises which will be helpful for your individual situation

Back Care Yoga Classes
A 5 class set $65 (workshop attendance recommended)
Instructor: Renee Reusz

Back Care Yoga will help you get moving and reduce your pain. Each class will include gentle back mobilizations and practice of how to activate and strengthen the core, and align your posture. You will learn breathing and mindfulness exercises alongside therapeutic yoga postures to help bring calm to body and mind and to help reduce the anxiety of pain and fear of movement. Time will be allotted in the class to allow each participant to practice her/his individual back care routine, learned in the Back Care Therapeutics workshop.

Tuesday evenings @ 6:00 pm April 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

Total cost of 5 classes with workshop $114

*Please note if you are unable to attend the Back Care Therapeutics workshop then a private lesson is recommended prior to attending the classes (60 minute session $65).

To pre-register for these classes call 604-528-0401 or email: